"What is this "I an bored" that everybody says. Even small children say they get bored. Nothing is boring, but simply because the mind is unable to stay focused, it becomes prey to the senses that drift it here and there. By imposing discipline on the senses there would never be such an issue as "I am bored".

Tirumalai Krishnamacharya


 Here are some useful guidelines that help our harmonious coexistence in space:

| 1 |. Be sure to arrive at the shala time to have enough time for your preparation. In guided lessons the door of the school will close five minutes before the start of the course.

| 2 |. Remove your shoes at the reception, keep your voice low and turn off or lower your mobile phones. The tranquility and relaxation are the result of various factors.

| 3 |. If you need a shower before class not hesitate to use its facilities shala. The connection to the Higher in our practice need clean both inside and outside our body.

| 4 |. If someone is looking for space to place the mattress, do not hesitate to offer him. Remember you could be you were in his position.

| 5 |. In Mysore classes enter and Leave the space with due respect to the classes already launched or still do practice.

| 6 |. The Mysore classes are not conducted in days full moon and new moon.

| 7 |. The brochure with the series of asanas of the first row is given as an aid to study outside the hall.

| 8 |. Avoid strong aromas, after shave, deodorant audible because during practice strengthened by heat and may be a problem breathing other practitioners. Also moisturizing creams and lotions generate slip over the layer thus difficult to practice.

| 9 |. In guided lessons do not you leave the shala during relaxation because disturb the tranquility and relaxation of your classmates. If however there is a serious reason for leaving tell instructor at the beginning of the course.

| 10 |. Shared layers provided are for new students who have not yet decided whether to follow this practice. Their consistent use of fixed pupils deprived of this opportunity of a new student.

| 11 |. Place all equipment in place after the end of the course.