Which time of day should I practice ?

Ideally in the morning hours, during sunrise daily on an empty stomach. If for any reason I cannot practice during these hours, I allow 5 to 6 hours after a full meal, and 2 to 3 hours after a light one. In the tradition of the Ashtanga Yoga we do not practice during new moon, full moon days and on Saturdays. The practice starts over on Sunday, which means six times a week.


The practitioners clothes are of great importance, since they should not distract his attention during the practice. Large , hot clothes like jumpers , tracksuits and socks are unsuitable. Light clothes with materials that allow the body to breathe are preferable. Shorts, athletic shirts and leggings are ideal.

How do I place myself in the shala ?

In Yoga practice the whole “action” takes place within our mat limits, from the front of it to the end, always ending up to the front side, in the initial standing position. Leaving a distance between placing mats helps the practitioners not to distract one another by movement in all positions. If despite all the above, I find myself close enough to another practitioner I avoid lifting my hands from the sides.

Menstrual cycle

Women should avoid practicing intensively on those days, since there is a possibility of disturbance or termination of the blood flow. More specifically all upside asanas should be avoided. Nevertheless there are certain asanas that help relax the muscles of the area, thus provide pain and cramp relief.